Samaritan City

There are several dangers, vulnerabilities and threats facing us every day and there is need to enhance security across the globe. We created the Samaritan city to empower people to address these dangers and collectively take part in actions to prevent them.
Samaritan city is people centered and it is designed for all age groups from 17-100. All you need is a mobile device and some skills on how to use the application.

It focuses on the safety and protection of individuals, communities and the global environment at large. A human security approach empowers local people to address dangers, vulnerabilities and threats and the collectively take part in mitigating them.


MedicareLifeUK is a health care initiative in the digital space. It aims at providing paperless, digital health system for the masses.

We have made creating, managing & tracking medical appointments a key feature of this application.
The application helps identify registered medical professionals based on location and then enables the user to book an appointment with them.
This feature allows the user to check availability, book an appointment, schedule a call or house visit and exchange emails.

Electronic Health Records Store key medical records in a singular safe location.

A patient, or their doctor, can check the records at any time, anywhere and they can upload to this area, and update it as they go.

Folders can be created for specific conditions, surgeries or reports. .

Our Diet & Fitness management feature enables the user to manage their food intake and exercise output each day.

The comprehensive system can be utilized to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, or be used to track fitness improvements

And many more features...


MyTenant is a proprietary platform that automates and handles the entire rental process online.
From start to finish the landlord can have as much control as they require and interaction with their tenants.
MyTenant enables communication and convenience with landlords/tenants. We aim to target Estate Agents, Housing associations & Private Landlords. It will generate revenue through its direct sales from the App’s Basic, Premium and enterprise models for landlords.

First of its kind landlord & tenant communication:
• Manage multiple properties and tenants.
• Send alert’s, Bill Alerts Maintenance Emergency Information.
• Use Worldwide.
• Long term renting.
• Short term.
• Holiday/Ski Resort.
• Send Messages.
• Set reminders.
• Pay bills.
• Send property picture’s
• Attachments
• Contract’s
• Lease terms.
• Store all data
• (payments, contracts, messages) to the cloud.

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