Industry 4.x

Benefit delivery from all end component levels and overhaul of processes to gain maximized efficiency and excellence in operations are key drivers for any industry modernization exercise.

Highly Standardized Processes

Industries with highly standardized processes are now studying ways to enclose full-fledged machine diagnostic tools in component parts, which could contain the part ID and other critical service records for better machine use experience delivery, customer experience delivery, and user-friendly operation.

mExcelle offers complete, customized solutions for manufacturing, including fully completed products, to complement its frameworks and foundational solutions.

Consider an industry cluster consisting of integrated logistics and warehouses, corporate facilities, and climate control facilities and you have an ideal picture for the modern infrastructure for the delivery of food and commodities.

Perimeter Security
Personnel and Human Resource Management
Time and Payroll integration
Inventory and Supply Chain Statistics, Reporting
Productions to Shipment Tracking
Forecasting and Incident Reporting
ERP+CRM and Business Intelligence

For operations governance, mExcelle develops customized solutions to manage wide-area data network-based operations facilities.


Manufacturing Productivity Solutions

Management of production always emphasizes efficiency, optimized production, and capacity augmentation among industries.

Supply & Trade via Blockchain-Based Solutions

Blockchain holds significant potential to disrupt the world of commerce and trade in a significant way.

mExcelle has created blockchain-based solutions for clients, focusing on various forms of distributed ledger integration.

Implementing such solutions has been the aim of integrating payment, settlement, and order management on a transparent ledger through the full life cycle.

In addition to the countless advantages that blockchain technology provides, perhaps the most important of these is the ability to establish trust across the network as well as accountability, non-repudiation, and other characteristics that will help both financiers and manufacturers benefit from the trust chain.

The mExcelle model focuses on sustaining operations along the entire supply chain while enabling both centralized and decentralized decision making, operations facilitation, asset listing and value determination, and scalability and stability.

“We have a team of experienced analysts who approach production management from varied perspectives”
Hardy ThomasManaging Director

The manufacturing industry must maintain a scale-to-capacity ratio and a minimum size of production to remain financially viable.

As a result, excess production capacity is typically outsourced or co-branded. With our solutions for production optimization, you can ensure that your operations are always available and profitable.